I’m a radio and TV presenter and I’ve had the same fringe since I was 6. I also do voice over work, a bit of writing and host events.

My show is on heat radio every weekday 4-7PM where I host discos, talk about Yorkshire puddings as well as showbiz goodness and have brilliant guests like Kelly Clarkson, Calvin Harris and Caitlin Moran.

I regularly appear on This Morning on ITV talking about celebrities and the Queen singing Could it Be Magic to a corgie.

I blog on here and for Huffington Post as well as popping up in heat magazine with my column Pop Tart, discussing the pop music issues of the day.

It’s everso nice of you to come round so have a good look and I’ll put the kettle on…

Sarah xxox


Lyd Bright!

Lovely Lydia with her hair and her Arg and her Zumba. Lydia was on the show today and we had a gorgeous chat about doing her Zumba DVD with her mum (our beloved Debbie) and Arg being on The Jump.


Pick (me) Up!

I have an excellent new friend and, obviously, it’s biscuit based. My (very good) show on heat radio is now sponsored by PiCK UP! Biscuits from Bahlsen! I’ve already eaten 46 and the campaign only started yesterday. They’re amazing.



The fringe, the laugh, the fact she’s comedy royalty, who doesn’t bloody love Dawn French? She’s written a new book, According to Yes and made my year coming on the show to talk about it. We also chatted about the Ab Fab film and much more.



Someone I know was once at an event with David Beckham, sadly there were other people there, but he said when David Beckham arrived the room changed. I imagine this is the same if The Queen goes anywhere and it was absolutely true of meeting Adele.