a note about having a rest

23 October, 2016 Leave a comment


I’ve had the lurgy for the last two weeks but ignored it because obviously I don’t have time to be ill. It’s not actually been bad enough to have time off, just the sort of cold where you want to lie on the sofa all day and eat crisps. So better to bosh a couple of Lemsip and get on with it. Keep going, keep pushing on. Don’t rest because resting means not achieving which means feeling guilty. So I’ve kept going. Kept pushing myself to do more work, to have meetings, send emails, start new projects and push on, push on. I’ve been out drinking because I said I would, eating badly because all I want is crumpets and cheese, going to bed late and then been cross when I can’t get up in the morning. “Keep going though, don’t stop, even if you feel rough because there’s too much to do and why aren’t you doing it?!” ❤️ I had big plans for today: sort the garden, got to the tip, put the pictures up, go and see the Oasis film, sort my newsletter, take pictures, write three blog posts, make granola… I woke up at 8.45 and went back to sleep until 11, had a bath at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and used a bath bomb, which for some reason I always keep “for best.” Now I am in pyjamas at 4PM. It is so important to know when to just stop. Stop and do absolutely nothing. To say it’s ok to rest. I never allow myself to do it, which is why I’ve had a cold for two weeks.


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