a note about scrolling

06 November, 2016 Leave a comment

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I’m Sarah Powell and I’m a scroller. It starts first thing in the morning when I reach over and grab my phone to avoid actually getting up. I open instagram and twitter and start scrolling through, not really interacting at all but just scrolling. Staring and scrolling. Like a zombie with an overactive thumb. Scrolling can happen at any point. It happens when I’m on my phone or on facebook on my laptop and can happen involuntarily. It’s a menace. I often don’t realise I’m even doing it, I’ll look up at 10, 15, 20 minutes have passed when I was meant to be getting in the shower. If I’ve got a spare moment chances are I’m scrolling. If I’m up late and should go to bed, that is prime scrolling territory. It takes time that could be spent doing things like making tea, getting fresh air, learning to knit or calling my Nan. What the hell am I looking for?! The answers to all my troubles?! The secret to happiness?! A new weight loss miracle that means I can finally live off Toffee Crisps?! Let’s be clear, I’m not clicking, reading or liking anything, I’m just bloody scrolling. And it’s got to stop. So I vow right here and now to give up scrolling and start living again 💘

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