a note about being invisible

17 November, 2016 Leave a comment


I’ve been a bit quiet on instagram and twitter this week. I also haven’t done anything on instagram stories for days and today I feel guilty about it. The truth is this week I’ve been wiped out, I’m really tired and just eating, working and sleeping has been enough to be getting on with ❤️ I feel like I get told a lot is how important social media is, that I’ve got to get those numbers up, get the interaction going, likes and followers = goodness. The weird thing is I can’t really think who’s telling me that. I just know it’s “important.” Got to be visible, got to show and tell, got to be accessible, but I just can’t always do it. Sometimes I’m busy or tired or sat at lunch with someone and can’t stop everything to take a picture of my flatbread. Or I can’t be bothered to take a picture of it. Or I’ve already eaten it. But also sometimes I just want to hide. I need a bit of rest and to just get on with what I’m doing rather than telling everyone about it. It’s also often incredibly mundane and would bore everyone’s bits off. That’s when that fear and guilt can creep in, what if I miss saying something that might really connect? What if people lose interest and think I’m actually very dull because I’ve gone quiet? What if everyone else is doing better than I am because they’re nailing their social media all the time? What if I haven’t got anything to say right now and that means I actually AM very dull?! This cannot be worth worrying about can it? It’s clearly utter nonsense. So I’m declaring right now that it is ok to be invisible. To take myself off and be quiet for a bit. I have full permission to make tea, have a sleep and see you back here soon xxox

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