a note about heat radio

27 January, 2017 1 Comment


During one of my first live heat radio shows, I kissed Rylan under the mistletoe. I knew then it was the ideal job for me. I have raided Take That’s mini bar, made Claudia Winkleman promise to be my best friend, asked Adele if she’d have peas or beans and RuPaul told me I could sissy that walk. Today, after four glorious years of playing Wamdue Project and Ace of Base, I am hosting my last weekday show on heat radio. I’m packing my records and teapot and moving to Sunday afternoons so you can find me there with a roast potato. It’s been the most amazing show to do but now it’s time to do something else. See you at 4 for a party love.


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  1. Jordan says:

    WHAT…! Oh Sarah my love (as you would say!) so sad to hear this but on the other hand so pleased you’re still going to be on heat radio weekly… Who’s taking over your slot, anyone we know?

    All the best to you SP, you really are a radio legend! #MWAH x

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