The Museum of Sarah

12 July, 2017 Leave a comment

Well hi love.

So the reason I haven’t been posting on this blog quite so much is because I have been putting together a bigger, shinier blog, in fact A MUSEUM and I am delighted to say it is now in your life.

It’s called The Museum of Sarah and is a showcase of gorgeous things, clothing, homewares and miscellaneous items that have caught my eye, curated for you to delve into. Always colourful and occasionally garnish, these bits and bobs are accompanied by stories of how they came into my possession or why I wish they would. Some I already own and others are things I’ve seen or found which made me squeal so I have to tell you about them. There are also my own articles, words and general musings for a bit of light reading while you’re there.

I have wanted to create a place for all the things I love for so long so I’m thrilled. I will be occasionally updating this blog with news about my tv, radio and written work but for the latest please do follow me on twitter or instagram.

Otherwise I shall see you over at The Museum love!


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