The Museum of Sarah

12 July, 2017 Leave a comment

Well hi love.

So the reason I haven’t been posting on this blog quite so much is because I have been putting together a bigger, shinier blog, in fact A MUSEUM and I am delighted to say it is now in your life.

It’s called The Museum of Sarah and is a showcase of gorgeous things, clothing, homewares and miscellaneous items that have caught my eye, curated for you to delve into. Always colourful and occasionally garnish, these bits and bobs are accompanied by stories of how they came into my possession or why I wish they would. Some I already own and others are things I’ve seen or found which made me squeal so I have to tell you about them. There are also my own articles, words and general musings for a bit of light reading while you’re there.

I have wanted to create a place for all the things I love for so long so I’m thrilled. I will be occasionally updating this blog with news about my tv, radio and written work but for the latest please do follow me on twitter or instagram.

Otherwise I shall see you over at The Museum love!


a note about heat radio

27 January, 2017 1 Comment


During one of my first live heat radio shows, I kissed Rylan under the mistletoe. I knew then it was the ideal job for me. I have raided Take That’s mini bar, made Claudia Winkleman promise to be my best friend, asked Adele if she’d have peas or beans and RuPaul told me I could sissy that walk. Today, after four glorious years of playing Wamdue Project and Ace of Base, I am hosting my last weekday show on heat radio. I’m packing my records and teapot and moving to Sunday afternoons so you can find me there with a roast potato. It’s been the most amazing show to do but now it’s time to do something else. See you at 4 for a party love.


The Gorgeous Battersea Cats

24 November, 2016 Leave a comment

If you’re a regular listener to Jules and Sarah the podcast, you’ll know how enriched your life is by it. You’ll also know that I have mice. Not personally, more in the house, where I live, so now they are kind of mine. Jules has taken to calling all of them Stuart Little and now I have as well. This is partly to fool myself into thinking there’s only one but also to laugh about it rather than thinking what they might or might not have crawled over. Stuart has become very cheeky. He’s been trotting through at all times of the day or night and watched I’m a Celeb with us the other night. Something has got to be done.

Several people, including my mother June, have said getting a cat is the only way. Someone else said the smell of a cat alone is enough but it seems odd to ask to borrow people’s cats so I’ve decided to get one. (An aside: June says cats frighten mice so much they actually have smaller litters which I love as a fact.)

I am quite picky though about the sort of cat I want.I don’t want a young lively one that will jump over the wall or will claw the sofa or chew up a cushion. But then I don’t want one that can’t be bothered to catch a mouse. I don’t really want one that’s going to moult everywhere. I want an old fat cat that will love me and catch Stuart and not run off.

The only place to get a good old fat cat is Battersea, in fact it’s the best place to get any cat from and the dogs are quite gorgeous as well. While we were there we saw one tiny little white dog who had just arrived and was trembling in his bed. I nearly smuggled him out in my Matt + Nat backpack.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home do the most amazing work. They rehome and look after dogs and cats that are abandoned or brought in. They have a surgery and a dentist and rehab dogs who have been mistreated. The lovely Jane showed us round and I asked her how she doesn’t take them all home. She says it’s hard but sometimes they have them in the office, which sounds incredible.

We went up to the cattery and fell in love with about 18 kittens. One was Stuart. Stuart was found on a building site and he was stuck in a load of industrial glue, which means some of his fur is missing. He was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

I spoke to Rosa who was very sweet and asked questions about where I live and what I was looking for. I said “old and fat and happy for cuddle”s and she went to see if they had anyone who might be good. I met two lovely cats, Tom and  Silky. Tom was a gorgeous old ginger cat but he was a bit dribbly and very hairy. Silky was also divine but had litter tray issues so unfortunately neither of them was quite right. Obviously this made me feel like some horrid witch woman dismissing lovely cats but Rosa said unless you’re absolutely sure, you just shouldn’t do it. She explained that much as they’ve got to be the right cat for you, you’ve got to be right for them otherwise everyone gets stressed, which is such good advice. So I have filled in a form, left all my details with them and I’m waiting for “a match,” like cat tinder.

In the meantime, I’m leaving peppermint oil everywhere for Stuart Little (apparently they hate mint) and making a pinterest board of novelty cat beds. I also can’t stop thinking about Stuart the kitten.

If you’ve got a Stuart Little or want to get a cat, have a look at the rehoming gallery (like asos but with kittens) or call Battersea on 0843 509 4444 and someone lovely will help you.


a note about being invisible

17 November, 2016 1 Comment


I’ve been a bit quiet on instagram and twitter this week. I also haven’t done anything on instagram stories for days and today I feel guilty about it. The truth is this week I’ve been wiped out, I’m really tired and just eating, working and sleeping has been enough to be getting on with ❤️ I feel like I get told a lot is how important social media is, that I’ve got to get those numbers up, get the interaction going, likes and followers = goodness. The weird thing is I can’t really think who’s telling me that. I just know it’s “important.” Got to be visible, got to show and tell, got to be accessible, but I just can’t always do it. Sometimes I’m busy or tired or sat at lunch with someone and can’t stop everything to take a picture of my flatbread. Or I can’t be bothered to take a picture of it. Or I’ve already eaten it. But also sometimes I just want to hide. I need a bit of rest and to just get on with what I’m doing rather than telling everyone about it. It’s also often incredibly mundane and would bore everyone’s bits off. That’s when that fear and guilt can creep in, what if I miss saying something that might really connect? What if people lose interest and think I’m actually very dull because I’ve gone quiet? What if everyone else is doing better than I am because they’re nailing their social media all the time? What if I haven’t got anything to say right now and that means I actually AM very dull?! This cannot be worth worrying about can it? It’s clearly utter nonsense. So I’m declaring right now that it is ok to be invisible. To take myself off and be quiet for a bit. I have full permission to make tea, have a sleep and see you back here soon xxox

An Interview with Ditch the Label

10 November, 2016 Leave a comment


Ditch the Label are an amazing anti bulling charity that works with people across the world. They’re working to get rid of inequality and prejudice, because let’s face it they two really crappy things.

Lana from the charity go in touch after reading my World Mental Health Day post about my anxiety. The response from writing that post has been so wonderful, people saying it’s exactly how they feel or sending me love, it’s been amazing so thank you because it was bloody scary to write.

My interview with Ditch the Label is right here for you babes, I talk about bullying, anxiety and annihilating the word “should.”

DtL: If you could go back in time, what one thing would you tell your younger self?
Sarah: Stop picking your lips. Drink more water. And don’t be so easily flattered.


a note about scrolling

06 November, 2016 Leave a comment

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I’m Sarah Powell and I’m a scroller. It starts first thing in the morning when I reach over and grab my phone to avoid actually getting up. I open instagram and twitter and start scrolling through, not really interacting at all but just scrolling. Staring and scrolling. Like a zombie with an overactive thumb. Scrolling can happen at any point. It happens when I’m on my phone or on facebook on my laptop and can happen involuntarily. It’s a menace. I often don’t realise I’m even doing it, I’ll look up at 10, 15, 20 minutes have passed when I was meant to be getting in the shower. If I’ve got a spare moment chances are I’m scrolling. If I’m up late and should go to bed, that is prime scrolling territory. It takes time that could be spent doing things like making tea, getting fresh air, learning to knit or calling my Nan. What the hell am I looking for?! The answers to all my troubles?! The secret to happiness?! A new weight loss miracle that means I can finally live off Toffee Crisps?! Let’s be clear, I’m not clicking, reading or liking anything, I’m just bloody scrolling. And it’s got to stop. So I vow right here and now to give up scrolling and start living again 💘


03 November, 2016 Leave a comment


The Busted lads, they’re back. Even Charlie who said a lot of times, I would never ever go back and be in Busted again. They’ve got a new single and an album and tour and everything.

They came on the show to talk about all of it. Meeting up again and having a pizza, Matt’s addiction to QVC and having the best calves in pop. You can also read the whole interview in glorious heat magazine! With pictures and everything.


Melanie C!

27 October, 2016 Leave a comment


Good old Mel C!

I think I’m right she’s the first Spice Girl I’ve had on the show, which seems obscene considering I play them almost every hour, on the hour.

Melanie C is lovely. Kind, classy, up for a laugh and it was a treat to have her on the show. Here we are talking about the Spice Girls reunion, not getting recognised and tattoos.


a note about having a rest

23 October, 2016 Leave a comment


I’ve had the lurgy for the last two weeks but ignored it because obviously I don’t have time to be ill. It’s not actually been bad enough to have time off, just the sort of cold where you want to lie on the sofa all day and eat crisps. So better to bosh a couple of Lemsip and get on with it. Keep going, keep pushing on. Don’t rest because resting means not achieving which means feeling guilty. So I’ve kept going. Kept pushing myself to do more work, to have meetings, send emails, start new projects and push on, push on. I’ve been out drinking because I said I would, eating badly because all I want is crumpets and cheese, going to bed late and then been cross when I can’t get up in the morning. “Keep going though, don’t stop, even if you feel rough because there’s too much to do and why aren’t you doing it?!” ❤️ I had big plans for today: sort the garden, got to the tip, put the pictures up, go and see the Oasis film, sort my newsletter, take pictures, write three blog posts, make granola… I woke up at 8.45 and went back to sleep until 11, had a bath at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and used a bath bomb, which for some reason I always keep “for best.” Now I am in pyjamas at 4PM. It is so important to know when to just stop. Stop and do absolutely nothing. To say it’s ok to rest. I never allow myself to do it, which is why I’ve had a cold for two weeks.


The Boosh Club

22 October, 2016 Leave a comment

The first time I saw The Mighty Boosh I was on my own, staying in London and it was about midnight. I was at peak BBC Three adoration and the episode with The Spirit of Jazz was on. You know when something makes you laugh so much your eyes water and you can’t believe it’s so funny that despite being alone you still laugh just as hard, that’s what happened to me.

Howard Moon wants to be a world famous jazz musician so The Spirit of Jazz comes to see him dressed in a full white suit, a terrifying black skull face and flames coming out the top of his hat. He points to the picture of a jazz legend on the wall, “Blind Barney Shortbread? I seen him play with my own eyes.” When Howard tells him he wants to be the greatest jazz player in Yorkshire he asks “What is Yorkshire?” Howard replies “Yorkshire is a place, Yorkshire is a state of mind.” The bit that really gets me though is when The Spirit of Jazz celebrates stealing Howard’s soul and dances round singing “bow chica bow wow, wow, ow, OW! My hat’s on fire! Are you blind? Why didn’t you tell me?!” At that moment I thought I would die laughing. I have just rewatched it now and it still makes me laugh until I cry.


I have always been a huge Vic and Bob fan and suddenly The Mighty Boosh felt like my own incarnation of Big Night Out. It was 2004 and I couldn’t believe something so weird and so funny was on TV for me to watch. I bought the DVDs, bought fan art and badges from eBay and fell deeply in love with Vince Noir. So much so I became a bit obsessed with a lad who worked in Starbucks on Wilmslow high street who had the same hair as Vince. I went into that Starbucks four times a day and was off my face on gingerbread lattes most of the time. Unfortunately this also meant I put on nearly a stone and my dreams of marrying Vince with his skinny legs and tiny waist somewhat faded away.

In 2006 we went to The Mighty Boosh Live at The Manchester Apollo. We were horribly late and it had already started. We also had seats right in the middle so had to get everyone to stand up to let us in and I spilt vodka and coke on someone in the dark. I didn’t realise at the time how huge that tour was. It broke the world record for seven consecutive nights at Brixton Academy and they sold out both Wembley and The O2 arenas. There’s a sense that they didn’t know quite how massive it was going to be either. Dave Brown AKA Bollo the gorilla said, “I remember the look of shock, fear and joy on Noel and Julian’s faces when those curtains went back for the first time in York, the noise and reaction was incredible and the insane crush of screaming fans at the stage door after was a sudden realisation of the size of this strange, beautiful beast they’d created.”

To celebrate it being 10 years since that first tour there is a brand new exhibition at The Book Club in east London, or The Boosh Club as it will be known between now and the end of January. Dave Brown was taking photos throughout that tour and around all The Mighty Boosh stuff and the pictures are so brilliant. There’s on stage pictures of characters like Old Gregg and The Crack Fox as well as backstage hanging out and photo shoots. Everyone in it looks so young and fresh and noughties and it’s nostalgic and exciting. Seeing those pictures reminded me how much I loved them at the time. My favourite photo is one outside the venue with who I assume are Noel and Julian’s nans.

The exhibition is free and the cocktails in The Book Club are very good so well worth going over there for the afternoon. There are also lots of events running alongside it including Art Macabre, which is a “surreal sketching special” (no drawing experience needed) as well as an artist lock in and The Boosh Halloween Party. In fact everything that’s on is right here on this handy page. If you loved The Boosh or just really want to drink Baileys out of a shoe, make sure you go.