Fringes are great. They’re classy, cheeky and sexy and I’ve been with mine for as long as I’ve had hair. Here is a full celebration of the ultimate accessory.

Lovely Bonnie in The Square
Even Kardishians have fringes sometimes…
Don’t worry Britney! Your fringe will make everything better…
Fringes on the cobbles…
Fringe + local single kebab shop owner= snogs
Queen of the fringe community
Remember when Taylor had a fringe and it was IMMENSE?
Zooey… your fringe is lovely…
“What did you say about my fringe?” That it’s awesome Elizabeth.
And lush in pink.
Work it, Bettie!
Don’t be sad Mathilda! Your fringe is excellent.
“Did you forget about my fringe?!” As if, Mia.
Katy knows.
Louise Brooks was doing it before you could talk in films…
Drinking and fringing.
So much fierce.
STRONG Porter. Strong.
Side fringes DO NOT COUNT. Sorry girls.
NO Cameron.