This year I have been writing more than ever before and I really love it. I have written pieces for heat magazine, Standard Issue and hashtag life. I have a blog with Huffington Post as well as my (highly entertaining) personal blog on this very site.

Most recently I wrote a column in heat in collaboration with Balsen biscuits (my god I love biscuits…) It appeared weekly with me choosing things I really like and you can see and feast on them right here.

I also write about British culture. I love Britain. I love our humour, our quirkiness and all the excellent things we make. There is a section on my blog, A Brit Excellent, which is dedicated to this love.

My writing can be about anything from Amy Winehouse to racy period dramas to My Love Affair with Lemon Curd. From being a technophobe to spending the afternoon at Margate.

Here’s a perfect example…

Why I Love Coronation Street

When I was seven years old, the warm trumpet of the ‘Corrie’ theme music meant one thing: another half hour of staying up. We knew if we could just push it until half past seven on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, the whole house would stop as my mother, June, watched Coronation Street.

I grew up in a time before online catch-up and TV that you could pause. If you thought you were in danger of missing something you had to find a blank videotape, get on your knees and punch a set of numbers into a VHS recorder. This was fraught with complications, so usually it was a case of hoping for the best. June has never missed an episode of ‘The Street’ since she started watching it. If she’s been away and caught up on the most recent episode, she’ll go back and watch the others leading up to it.

By the time I was nine, I was a fully-fledged Corrie fan. I loved Dez Barnes having bantz with Derek over the fence and every single thing Raquel did or said. I have now watched Coronation Street for 23 years. I’ve seen it through three title sequence changes, all three show sponsors, the introduction of product placement and more backcombed Ritas than I could account for.

You can see more of my written bits right here.